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Light Science and Magic

Photography is all the Science of Capturing light, When Science and Light converge, Magic happens. Our goal is to achieve perfection in the box, It is our belief that great photographs are required to create great prints, no amount of post procession can fix a bad capture

Wedding Photography

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Wedding Venues Gauteng

Crafting Timeless Memories Amidst History and Nature in Gauteng
From the historical streets of Johannesburg to the cultural richness of Soweto, Gauteng invites couples and their guests to enjoy fantastic destination weddings
Last updated: 2023-11-01
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Wedding Venues KZN

Love's Haven: Kwazulu Natal - A Destination Wedding Paradise
Embark on a romantic odyssey, where nature's embrace becomes the canvas for dream destination weddings. Get wed in the breathtaking landscapes of KwaZulu-Natal.
Last updated: 2023-11-23
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Wedding Venues Mpumalanga

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